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Sense And Nonsense

Philosophical, Clinical And Ethical Perspectives

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This Work Constitutes The Proceedings Of The Bar-ilan International Symposium On The Topic “sense And Nonsense In Philosophy And Psychopathology.” The Symposium Was Held At Bar-ilan University (israel) On 7 And 8 June 1993, With Lectures Given In Three Languages (english, Hebrew And French). Through This Symposium An Outline Of A Philosophy Of Psychopathology Related To Biology And Ethics Was Presented. It Is Now Clear, Especially From Clinical Experience, That The Notions Of Sense And Nonsense Cannot Be Grasped Directly, But Must Be Constructed Through A Reflective Process Connected With Concepts. Furthermore, Since Psychopathology Is For The Most Part Concerned With The Disturbance Of Intersubjective Experience, It Is Directly Related To Ethics. For This Reason, As Clearly Illustrated By This Symposium, Psychopathology Could Provide An Excellent Basis For Philosophical Interrogation. It Is Our Hope That This English Version Of The Lectures Will Serve As A Good Advertisement For This Idea.

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