Studies In Semitic Linguistics /

Studies In Semitic Linguistics

יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת מאגנס, בשנת 2001, מכיל 676 עמודים,

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Collected In This Volume Are Articles Published Over The Last Three Decades, Which Deal With Various Aspects Of Semitic Languages In General, The Structure Of Hebrew, History Of Arab Grammatical Tradition, Aramaic And Neo-aramaic, Syriac Syntax, And Particularly With Ethiopian Languages (amharic And Old Amharic Gurage, Harari And Comparative Ethiopian). While Discussing General, Language-specific And Comparative Issues, Special Attention Is Devoted In These Studies To Syntax, To The Examination Of Linguistic Methodology And To The Contribution Of Semitics To The Science Of Language.

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