American Consuls In The Holy Land, 1832-1914 / רות קרק

American Consuls In The Holy Land, 1832-1914

רות קרק

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This Volume Deals With An Eventful Period In The Modern History Of Palestine. It Provides New Insights Into The Role Of The Us Consuls In The Ottoman Middle East In The Special Context Of The Holy Land. The Motivations And Functioning Of The American Consuls In Jerusalem, And Of The Consular Agents In Jaffa And Haifa, Are Analyzed As Part Of The Us Diplomatic And Consular Activity Throughout The World, And Of Western Involvement In The Ottoman Empire And In Palestine During The Century Preceding Wwi. The Processes Of Cultural, Demographic, Economic, Environmental And Settlement Change – Sometimes At The Expense Of The Local Population – And The Contribution Of The Us Consuls And American Settlers, Both Christian And Jewish, To Development And Modernization Of Palestine Are Discussed.

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