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Partial Answers 2006 Annual Subscription

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יצא לאור ע"י הוצאת מאגנס, בשנת 2000,

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Partial Answers: Journal Of Literature And The History Of Ideas Is A Semi-annual International Academic Journal Sponsored By The School Of Literatures Of The Hebrew University Of Jerusalem. It Publishes Articles That Analyze Literary Works As Artistic Refractions Of Existing Systems Of Concepts, As Testing Grounds For Ideas, Or As Laboratories For Their Development. The Interdisciplinary Niche Of The Journal Thus Combines Analysis Of Literary Works With A Discussion Of Historical And Theoretical Issues, Historicizing Theory, Or Developing The Theoretical Implications Of Specific Episodes In The Literary History Of Ideas. The Language Of Publication Is English. The Submissions Are Peer-reviewed.
as Its Title Suggests, The Journal Does Not Seek Absolute Answers Or Ultimate Truths. It Is Published In A Region Where The Need For Acknowledging The Contingency Of One’s Ideological Position Is Intensely Felt, And It Encourages Contributors To Be Explicit Regarding Their Partialities And Their Philosophical Agenda.

though The Material Of The Journal Is Organized Into Rubrics, Such As “literature And The Ideas Of Space,” “the Cultural Other,” Or “narrative As A Way Of Thinking,” The Sequence Of The Articles Most Generally Follows The Chronology Of The Literary Works Discussed. The Notes “from The Editor” That Preface Each Issue, Briefly Survey The Subjects And The Methodological Aspects Of The Articles.

each Issue Of The Journal Contains Three Or Four Reviews Of New Books Relevant To The Journal’s Interdisciplinary Field.

in Accordance With The Profile Of Its Sponsoring Organization, Partial Answers Publishes Articles On Different National Literatures. So Far, It Has Included Articles On Anglophone, Hebrew, Yiddish, German, And Russian Works, With English Literature Being So Far In The Lead. A Considerable Number Of Submissions On These And Other National Literatures Is Currently In The Pipeline.

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